I am an incredibly lucky girl to get to have such amazing adventures. I always try to present each one so that you can see yourself there and enjoy the experience with me. Then you can grab a friend and go do it yourself!

I love boats, sailing, fishing and pretty much anything afloat. I also love luxury cruise ships, beautiful islands, destination spa experiences and fabulous food of all sorts. I picture weddings, family gatherings  and what it would be like to throw a party in this place pretty much everywhere I go.  I always have readers in mind with the hope that you will be able to clearly see whether you would love this as well, or would rather get on to the next one.

I also love editors. These are amazingly insightful people who have usually been writers themselves. They keep a close eye on their readers and tailor content to please them. I tend to write to the people that I think would love to do what I am doing, and the editors match this to their readership…or not.  I don’t take it personally when an editor doesn’t publish a piece I wrote. I just figure that they know best what their readers want to see, and look for other readers.

I love my cameras, believing that a picture tells a thousand words but also that they can lie. I try very hard to have mine paint a truthful picture. If you can picture yourself in it, then you might love to do this adventure! Blogging is more of a word based medium than an image based one. I am hoping as I get better at this that perhaps I can find a format that allows for more pictures.

I live in Vermont, home of Sugarbush and Mad River Glen and the most amazingly supportive community that anyone could be lucky enough to participate in. I have been here for a long time and would never call any other place home even though I have this lemming-like urge to run to the sea. One insightful editor asked me to write a piece on why someone who clearly has salt water in her veins lives in the mountains in the middle of New England. It turned out to be a very funny article. If I can find it I will post it here eventually. I will also post some stories under the category of “home in Vermont” .

I might post some of my older published work if I can find the time, but until then  you can find them at my website http://www.CoastalStories.com

Enjoy the day and I hope our paths cross out there in the world!


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